Autor: Ricardo

  • Through the Looking Glass

    Through the Looking Glass

    Through the Looking Glass “Through the Looking Glass” is the name Ricardo Leiria gave to a set of sculptures that emerge and submerge between two spaces, this side of a mirror and the other side, of what we don’t know, of the world, of ourselves. With these sculptures, we can dive into a monochromatic imaginary…

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  • Essences


    Essences In this series of paintings, made between 2011 and 2012, I represent through the use of symbols, the most basic, the most elementary, the essence of human nature. Essence #12011/2012Acrylic on canvas50x50cm Essence #52011/2012Acrylic on canvas33x24cm Essence #62011/2012Acrylic on canvas67x64cm Essence #42011/2012Acrylic on canvas100×100 Essence #32011/2012Acrylic on canvas40x60cm Essence #22011/2012Acrylic on canvas50x70cm Essence #72011/2012Acrylic…

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  • A pic a day

    A pic a day

    A PIC A DAY I created this project to keep the creative act flowing. Taking, as the name suggests, a photograph a day with the sole purpose of creating something that, for me, is artistically interesting and challenging. The important thing is photography as an artistic object instead of the photographed object. The challenge became…

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